Espresso Cup "Freckles" Design - Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup

Espresso Cup "Freckles" Design - Handmade Ceramic Coffee Cup

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A love of the summer sun and of course coffee led to Freckles, equally cute and dissatisfied as "Meh" the Freckles Espresso cup is our latest addition to the collection.

Handcrafted in small batches on the potters wheel each cup is created by hand through each process from the initial preparation of the clay to the hand painted expression.

-Handcrafted in small batches in the UK

-Unique and original designs

-Created using Stoneware fired to 1222 degrees c.

Food Safe

Freckles Espresso Cup

Glazed Ceramic

6.5 x .5.5 cm (approx)


Made in United Kingdom


About Modern Pottery Shop

We are Modern Pottery Shop, a design focused ceramic studio producing functional homeware alongside unique works. Our ethos is to enhance the home through clean, accessible designs. All of our products are handmade on the potter's wheel in the UK pairing a unique aesthetic with high quality craftsmanship. - After studying painting at Camberwell College of Art followed by 6 years as an artist assistant and ceramic practitioner Samuel Stokes founded Modern Pottery Shop in 2020 to bring his designs to homes across the world. Our signature ranges are born from glaze experimentations and a joyful sense of humour. - All of our products are 100% handmade, from the wheel thrown cup to the glazing. Made in small batches in the Kent Countryside. (UK)

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