Deerbird is a consciously curated, female fueled, spirit infused concept store with a focus on women’s vintage and contemporary clothing, accessories, and special objects. As an extension of Deering Street Diaries , her items will come with a story where brands are women owned, eco-friendly, and socially good.

A combination of our spirit animals, deerbird was born out of union from the profound love of sisters, a deep rootedness with nature, and an essential commitment to authentic expression. Here to inspire a lifestyle of creativity, individuality, and connection.

Dreams come true. 

Thirty-nine years of travel, fashion, beauty, adventure, spirit seeking. Half a lifetime of continuous reincarnation all culminating under one roof.

She is mountain chic, country cool, and city pretty. Predictably unpredictable, she is earth and sky, soft and strong, methodically free-spirited. She is deeply, divinely feminine mystik.

She is deerbird.